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it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that certain je ne sais quoi

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What can I say. It's an icon journal. By artillie. For icons. It was originally a sock journal for summerflinging, but then it was just lying around and the temptation to do something with it was too great to resist.

Tonguecat is a book by Peter Verhelst.

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   - animanga icons
   - more animanga icons
   - beautiful women fashion icons
   - stock icons
   - movie icons
   - tv icons
   - and other stuff. Maybe gradients, or something. *shrug*

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Common Courtesies
1. Please comment.
2. Credit is lovely, but I won't hunt you down and freak out about it. You may credit artillie or tonguecat in the keywords.
3. Textless icons aren't bases.
4. Refrain from direct-linking.

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